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Welcome to UniMex


UniMex was established to fulfill the recognized need for improvement in the medical reporting field - in both content and service - for compensation boards, insurance carriers, attorneys and the courts.

UniMex is an organization of service oriented, caring employees, with over 35 years of collective experience, who have networked thousands of Doctors, worldwide, to provide the highest quality independent medical examinations available today.

UniMex has surveyed the needs of its prospective clients and received the following repeated comments:

  1. " The reports we receive do not properly answer the questions we ask."
  2. "Turnaround time is slow."
  3. "We, our current IME service, find it hard to locate the proper, qualified examiners to fulfill our medical reporting requirements."
  4. "We constantly need to follow up on the reports we've requested."
  5. "A great many of our examiners do not wish to testify as to the results of their findings."
  6. "We can't find examiners for malpractice or chart review assignments."
  7. "The reports we receive are vague and inconclusive."

UniMex has analyzed these comments and complaints and found solutions to each!


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